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Modern Pakistani Love Story: A Short

Her: I love SHM.
Him: Me too.
Him: Wait, do you mean Swedish House Mafia or Saadat Hasan Manto?
Her: Both!
Him: I love you…..

And they lived happily ever after, till they both succumbed to sweet sweet apoptosis.

Tabula Rasa

And there we stood, a place where time itself had diluted. A nexus point with paths that lead to a plethora of doors which could take us where-ever and whenever. Cobblestone walkways which twisted and turned as if made of ribbon and slowly fading away. rising to meet - no, to become the sky.

She just stood there, with an expression I couldn’t really decipher. I couldn’t help but admire her perfectly side-swept fringe, those big black eyes and full set of ruby lips. Her royal blue kurta floated inches above the ground, with big silver medallion-like buttons that flowed gracefully over her girly, yet not vulgar, curves. She smelled perfect. Classic. Like one of those very few women who could wear Chanel No. 5 and pull it off effortlessly.

She tilted her head to the left and walked slowly. I guess I was meant to follow her. We walked along the pathway and soon came across a fork. There were so many paths one could take but she didn’t pause and took the second left. With her slow and confident steps, it was clear she knew her way. I had nothing else to do but engross myself with the surroundings.

The sky above was littered with spinning planets, colorful cosmic gasses and flaming asteroids. The walkway from my vantage point seemed illuminated from the back, as if suspended in a sunbeam. Everything looked new, untouched as if time itself had not dared to erode this sacred place.

She finally stopped in front of a door which was unusually normal. Nothing but a silver door handle on an expanse of dark glazed wood. No delicate carving, no peephole and no room even for a key.

She turned around and her eyes squinted as she gave the teensiest of a smile and I smiled as well. We both knew where we were. We both know where this door would lead us. It could take us to whereever and whenever we wanted & needed to be. A fresh start.

She held out her hand and as I nervously grappled for it, she leaned forward. Her lips parted and for a scintilla, I could have sworn I had seen a dimple but it could have been a mere trick of light. She got closer and then she whispered: “You know. We don’t have to walk through it.”

“We can run.”

Faux petrichor

It was raining the first time we met. Or maybe it wasn’t. Just a false imprint in my mind, convenient little raindrops staging a cinematic veil, like crystallized atoms building a better memory.

That’s what human beings do, we ascribe false importance to the most lackadaisical of moments, steep arbitrary memories in the perfume of concocted beauty.
We do it to fill the void of inadequacy thrust upon us by a society that has no regard for simple truths or recollection of those who live and leave blissfully guileless.


In retrospect, outdoor seating was a little too warm for my liking, but since I am paying for this exorbitant meal, I might as well have the best view and get my money’s worth. I glance at her, her eyes glazed over as she stares blissfully in the direction of the Burj. It really is a nice view with the sun blasting its rays at us, as if trying to overcompensate for something. Oh silly sun.


And now I am staring back at her. She really has no idea how pretty she is or how smitten I am. Good God I am in love with her smile. The way her lips part ever so slightly, allowing me to get a glimpse of her pearly teeth. Should I compliment her smile? I’d rather have someone compliment my features than my sartorial choice. Wouldn’t she? No, it’s too soon and we haven’t even ordered lunch yet.


Awkward silence.


What should I say? Do I mention something about my job or my renewed gym membership? Why can’t I be more interesting? Oh thank God she’s talking about her day. Those perfectly glossed lips of hers purse intermittently when she talks about work. It’s adorable. Just keep nodding and making eye contact. Okay not too much. My palms are sweaty. Did I remember to wear deodorant? Oh great, our food’s here.


So she ordered steak, the manliest thing on the menu. I’m impressed. Chew, and don’t take big bites. Continue the small talk. Try not to choke. Avoid awkward silences.


She accidentally brushes her leg against mine. She apologizes. I artfully reply “Don’t be,” causing her to smile and look away. I feel a sting in my heart with that radiant smile of hers. Should I compliment her now? No, later. Great I think I have started to perspire. Good God, did I use deodorant? Dessert time.


We’re sharing a slice of decadent chocolate cake. Yup, this is divine. She says, and I quote, “This is the best cake I’ve had in a long time. Wow, it’s so good.” That pain in the heart just keeps on increasing.


The bill comes. We do the tango over who gets to pay. She’s adamant. Cute, but I eventually grab it and pay. I get up and can’t take it anymore. I feel just having a meal with her is giving me an out of body experience. Only this is an out of body experience. Those damn palpitations were heartburn.


And I never got the chance to compliment her smile.

yeah, just like that

so there I was finally making hot passionate love to my err…girlfriend when I whispered in her ear “You like it when I do it rough don’t you, you sarcastic bitch?”

She replied “No”


So there I was sitting on my patio smoking up with Rumi when I looked at him and said

Me: “I presumed you were with God”
Rumi: “Indeed, be right back”

Alas, he never came back

a sniff of what was, is and perhaps meant to be

I looked up ahead and saw the driver clearly had no intention on braking. All I could do was brace for impact and mutter the 'Pehla Kalima'. I instantly disgusted myself that I never remembered or prayed to God otherwise yet when I felt death whispering in my ear, I instinctively remember Him

I tightly shut my eyes and braced for impact. The moment I felt the first nudge, the seat belt dug into my shoulder blade and for a second I envisioned something.

I saw my mom with her cropped permed hair smiling at me, throwing me in the air. I saw my dad weak in his fragile state right before he went into the operation room. Holding the woman I deeply cared for in my arms and hearing her whisper the three magic words which used to make me feel complete. I remembered me playing cops and robbers with my siblings and them using real tape to bind me. And oddly enough, I think I saw a future version of myself sitting on a boat with a three year old child(son?).

Its truly amazing how much our mind comprehends in an instant in times of impending danger.

I just wish I was more like my former self, you know a better person so I don’t regret my life right before another car hits me